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Java EE and Flex: A compelling combination, Part 2
Dustin Marx follows up his introduction to combining Flex and Java EE with a look at more ways to connect your Flex front end to a Java enterprise server. Learn how to connect Flex and Java EE via proxied or unproxied HTTP or Web services, and how to bind Flex objects to Java code on the server side.
REST for Java developers, Part 3: NetKernel
Transitioning from an object-oriented to a resource-oriented perspective means letting go of your ideas about how things should work. Give it a try with this introduction to NetKernel: a URI-based microkernel environment that relaxes object bindings to enable more scalable and maintainable RESTful systems.
Client-side Java's evolutionary leap
Need perspective on the rapid evolution of client-side Java? Get it here, as Jeff Friesen invites leading lights in the Java community to share thoughts, and some scoops, on recent developments and what's next for client-side Java development. Topics include JavaFX, Swing, NetBeans 6.5, OpenJDK, and the Da Vinci Machine.
Open source Java projects: Terracotta
Get a primer on clustering, including its typical failure points in serialization and redundancy. Then find out how Terracotta overcomes these challenges in JavaWorld's hands-on introduction to enterprise clustering with Terracotta.
A developer's view of mobile platforms
Smartphone programming is booming and flexible developers are spoiled for choice. InfoWorld's Peter Wayner shuffles the options for you, with pros and cons for choosing Android over iPhone, or Nokia over Palm.
Evaluating Agile
Delivering high-quality software efficiently is critical to businesses in every industry -- and that means the 18-month product cycle is on its way out. IBM's Sue McKinney takes a hard-nosed look at Agile's faster approach to software development.
Introduction to the Dojo toolkit, Part 1
If you're looking for a JavaScript framework that does more than simplify DOM access, the Dojo toolkit could be your answer. Find out how you could enhance your Web 2.0 mojo with Dojo's object-oriented JavaScript programming model and handy Ajax-style widgets.
Java EE and Flex: A compelling combination, Part 1
Adobe Flex is catching on as a front-end technology for enterprise Java applications, and here's your chance to find out why. Flex and Java EE developer Dustin Marx gets you started building a rich-client UI with Flex, then tying it to your Java EE application's business logic.
Open source Java projects: NetBeans plugins
NetBeans plugins let you do all kinds of things you can't do with NetBeans alone, and they're open source. Jeff Friesen introduces five useful plugins, then gets you started with creating your own plugins for NetBeans 6.5.
Creating a Database with Perl and DBI
In this second part of a four-part series on Perl and the DBI you ll learn how to create a database and how to use a collection of very important commands. This article is excerpted from chapter 15 of the book "Beginning Perl".
Synchronizing Properties with Beans Binding (JSR 295)
John O'Conner shows how JSR 295, Beans Binding, eliminates burdensome glue code for wiring up relationships between objects.
Building File Uploaders with PHP 5
My goal here is simply tackling file uploads from a hands-on point of view and discarding all of those additional configuration settings that must be performed in the web server. Therefore, in this series of articles, I’m going to show you how to build some file uploading mechanisms with PHP 5, which, due their intrinsic modularity, can be easily integrated into other existing PHP applications with minor hassles.
Drupal 6.0: Installation and Basic Usage
A guide to installing and using Drupal, an open source content management systems that is widely used.
Translucent and Shaped Swing Windows
Kirill Grouchnikov shows off the Consumer JDK's ability to set per-pixel translucency on windows, which opens up a wide variety of possibilities for translucent and shaped windows previously only available to native applications.
Reverse Callback Templating
James Robson explains a hybrid approach to templating -- reverse callbacks -- with the Template::Recall module.

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